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How to build your team in Reducing Primary Cesareans

Reducing Primary Cesareans

Building Your Team

Ideally, your team should include people from administration, people with detailed subject matter expertise, at least one person who is familiar with collecting data and uploading and downloading reports on the Internet, and clinical members. In addition to your team members, you will benefit from having “champions.” Champions are people who are excited about the project and can communicate about it broadly. Champions can be CNMs, RNs or MDs, and in an ideal world, a team would have some of each. Champions will create the supportive environment in which the team can diagnose, test and implement the new practices to reduce primary cesareans.

Documents here will help you get your team ready to implement. These include tools to assess where you are now, tips on how to identify and engage champions, build a team, and engage senior leaders and providers in your change process.

Build a Culture of Change

Building a culture that can support change is an ongoing process. We will have webinars that focus on this. Here is one presentation that provides an overview.

Forming a Team

You will work with your coach to discuss team formation – who should be on it, how to convene it, and tips for regular meetings. Here are some tips that others have found useful:

Engage Senior Hospital Leadership and Clinical Champions

It’s important to engage broadly within your institution about change. Here are some tips that others have found useful:

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