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Reducing Primary Cesareans

Quality Improvement Tools and Using Data to Drive Improvement

Data is the key to identifying areas for change, and measuring your progress. It is fundamental that you master the ability to collect, upload and use your data for the RPC Collaborative. These pages provide links to key documents and presentations.

Collecting Your Data

If you are an RPC member, please contact us for data center access and training at [email protected]

Using Data to Identify Your Opportunities

Each of the change bundles has a deliverables checklist that you can use to see where you are and find opportunities for change. You will use this checklist throughout the process, so please download it and save it as a copy that your team can use as a living document.

Tools to Support Quality Improvement

You will work with your coach to determine which quality improvement tools are most appropriate for your situation. Here are some commonly used tools that may be helpful, and some background reading if you’d like some.

Article about Engaging Physicians in Quality Improvement

IHI has a number of on demand (free) videos that you can access on their site:  Introduction to the Model for Improvement; Building Skills in Data Collection and Understanding Variation; Using Run and Control Charts to Understand Variation; Improvement Skills to Empower Front-Line Nurses


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